What Melissa Says

“We hired Trent to rebuild our website and essentially rebrand our digital presence in 2019. While initially a daunting task, Trent made this process feel easy and approachable.  We had a tight time schedule that he always met!  His attitude and development skills were instrumental in delivering the results we were looking for. He also provided tools and information upon project completion which we could leverage to maintain and update the website ourselves – saving us future costs. I would highly recommend Trent for website needs or any others which fall within his skillset. Trent was a pleasure to work with!”

Melissa Michaelis-Thompson

Executive Director


Max Says

“Trent did a great job leveraging his marketing expertise by developing a strategic marketing plan tailored for the growth of Folsom Custom Skis, a small batch custom ski manufacturer based in Denver, CO. His concepts were well thought out and organized, all presented in a scalable fashion. Trent also did a great job recognizing an appropriate balance between the casual nature of the ski industry and professionalism in his work.”

Max Tabor

Director of Business Operations


Juan Says

“Trent is a detailed oriented, connect-the-dots, strategic thinker that is not afraid of navigating complex activations and promotions built to impact consumers. His understanding of marketing operations, logistics with multiple touch-points that require teaming agencies along with brand and sales made me, as a client, feel confident in accomplishing our goals. I was able to personally experience his talent as we developed an award-winning celebrity chef cook off promotion, a successful innovation brand roll out in Las Vegas, as well as the creative execution of a branded Sports Bar at Denver International Airport. Trent showcases his abilities day-in and day-out.”

Juan Contreras

Customer Marketing Manager


Lisa Says

“In my nearly six years of working with Trent, I’ve always appreciated his easygoing style and ability to form lasting partnerships across all departments in the agency. Both of those traits engender a sense of teamwork—when he asks it, people in every stage of the process find ways to go above and beyond to get a job done or to hit an impossible deadline. Trent’s business savvy and versatility—combined with his great sense of humor—help all parts of the team get on board to hit the goal.”

Lisa Sporte

Associate Director


Jorge Says

“Trent’s passion for the business is unquestioned and only surpassed by his diligence and proactivity. Always looking to elevate the game, he doesn’t rest on what’s been done before but rather reaches for greater heights with every opportunity. I have been able to manage Trent on a project basis and I would have him on my team without question.”

Jorge Hernandez

Group Account Director


Ashley Says

“Trent is a very organized and professional employee. He has an incredible work ethic and is a collaborative partner among all internal and client contacts.”

Ashley Karlstrom

Account Director


Christine Says

“Trent is an excellent team member. He is proactive, hilarious to be around (even during the not-so-pleasant project moments), knows his customers and business inside and out. He’s a leader, a morale booster, and a great person with integrity. I highly recommend Trent’s work, his personality, and most of all his commitment to honesty in business, quality, and customer satisfaction.”

Christine Walsh

Project Manager


Kelly Says

“Trent consistently performs at a high-level providing client solutions, added-value and inspiration to his team. He is a strong leader and a pleasure to work with.”

Kelly Spehar

Account Director


David Says

“The consummate ambassador for Eventive Marketing, everyone likes Trent. Clients found his easy, but thorough approach to projects extremely palatable. Trent is always looking for ways to grow as a professional and his enthusiasm for excellence is inspiring. I found that he was very open to direction and correction, something not often found with the peers in his group. He was, and is, on a track for continued growth, willing to learn and willing to challenge himself.”

David Saalfrank

Senior Vice President


Mike Says

“Trent worked on my team at Eventive Marketing and brought great energy, enthusiasm and effort to the job. Trent is one of those people that everybody enjoys working with and because of that, he gets things done. Good problem solving and management skills round out his talents.”

Mike Nickerson

Group Account Director


Tommy Says

“Trent was a pleasure to work with. Trent always had a can do attitude and a positive approach to his work. Trent excelled at field staff recruitment and management.”

Thomas Bennett

Senior Operations Manager


Matt Says

“Trent is a savvy, young professional that brings unmatched passion and energy to a team environment. He possesses the unique ability of balancing internal relationship building with execution of his individual goals. Trent has natural leadership skills, always led by example and was consistently the top performer on my team. He thinks outside of the box, has above average problem solving skills and is not scared of pressure. Trent would be an outstanding addition to any organization.”

Matthew Cordaro

Division Manager